commercial services


Opal Images provides a vast array of services to businesses; from e-commerce, to advertising, to lifestyle imagery, to website content, and beyond. We would be thrilled to help you create a visual language for your business to differentiate you from your competition and to cement your business in the minds of your customers.



Portrait sittings are tailored to fit your personality and your needs. Sittings usually take one to two hours and can include outfit and location changes. Sittings can be scheduled for in your home, out in the world, or in our studio. The portrait package is a great fit for actors, musicians, dancers, and artists; professionals; and anyone wishing to celebrate themselves.



Sharing your sensuality with another person can be vulnerable and scary. Add a camera to the mix and the anxiety factor can raise exponentially. That is why before any boudoir sitting our head photographer will meet with you in person to get a feel for who you are, and so you can get to know her. During this consultation the photographer will ask you many questions including what kind of mood or feel you imagine for your images, what is sexy or sensual to you, and what your personal boundaries are. The two of you will come up with the concept of the shoot together and the photographer will do everything she can to hear your concerns and put you at ease. We celebrate people of all sizes, ages (over eighteen of course), races, gender expressions, and sexual orientations.

Boudoir sittings will be scheduled in your home (or any location of your choosing) and usually last around two hours. Sittings can include costume and make up changes. You get to decide how much you wish to reveal -whether you keep all your clothes on or take them all off.



With our engagement sittings we aspire to capture the unique chemistry between you and your partner. Sittings usually last around two hours and can be scheduled anywhere in the world. We highly recommend that you choose a landscape that is important to you as a couple; whether that is in the busy city, in the woods, at the beach, or anywhere else your heart desires. We are happy to travel!