Couple's Boudoir Shoot

Shooting boudoir photographs is my absolute favorite. Its a huge and enjoyable part of my business but because of the private nature of the images, I don't often get the go-ahead from my clients to share them with the world (which is 100% understandable!). Usually when I do a boudoir shoot its just me, my client, and a bottle of champagne. We experiment and have fun shooting for a few hours, and then they get to give those images to their significant other (almost all of my boudoir clients give the images to their SOs as presents). I make sure that all my clients have a fun and empowering experience, which they then later share with their SOs. This time was different though. For the first time ever I was hired to do a couple's shoot. We met several times before the shoot to talk about ideas, boundaries, and to get comfortable with one another. Usually when I do a boudoir shoot I spend the first half hour or so putting the client at ease -its scary stuff to take off your clothes in front of a camera! I was concerned that it would be doubly difficult to put two people at ease, but I couldn't have been more wrong. The chemistry between this couple was VERY palpable. They were obviously crazy about each other. It was such a great experience to not only make images that my clients loved, but that I could witness each partner reveling in the sexiness of the other in real time. It was such a pleasure to be a part of, and I hope more of my clients request a couples shoot. Please enjoy this image from the shoot. Also if you are interested in hiring me for a boudoir shoot, but would like to see more examples of my work, please email me at and I'll happily send some images your way.

Christie Spillane