Gladys Bikes Moves Entirely By Bike

Last week I was blown away by the supportive and expansive Portland bike community. Gladys Bikes, a woman focused bike shop (named after Susan B. Anthony's bike no less!), moved locations from N. Mississippi Ave to NE Alberta St. That's not so special. What is special is that they moved every item in the shop via bike. Leah, the owner of Gladys Bikes put out the call to the Portland bike community to help and they delivered! About 100 people -many of whom were families with small children, showed up. Their bikes were as varied as they were: tall bikes, small bikes, cargo bikes, recumbent bikes, tricycles, skateboards -you name it, someone had that kind of bike. Everyone was in great spirits, and much to Leah's surprise, the whole move only took about 90 minutes. The sense of community was palpable, and I was touched by the out pouring of love an support Gladys Bikes received. I felt very lucky to be a part of it. Check out the photos below! The first shot is of my custom bike built by Gladys Bikes loaded up with all my gear.

Christie Spillane