Early Morning Mt. Hood Shoot with Ecdysiast

My favorite dance studio and company in Portland, Ecdysiast Studio, hired me again to shoot the promotional materials for their upcoming show "Elemente." The inspiration for this show is nature, so we decided to go out into the Mt. Hood National Forest for this intense shoot. The original plan was to do the shoot at Trillium Lake at sunrise with Mt. Hood in the background, but because of the unusual snowfall this year, the road to Trillium was closed. Not to let a 4:00 AM start time go to waste, we improvised and found a great location. We set up the pole, and all the dancers were ready in full makeup and costumes by sunrise. The shoot was freezing and I couldn't feel my hands by the end of it, but we got some breathtaking shots. I am continually impressed by how tough and hardworking these dancers are. Be sure to check out their show in May!

Christie Spillane