Opal Images

Opal Images is a commercial and fine art photo studio founded by Christie Spillane. Opal Images prides itself on creating imagery for femmes by femmes. Every image we produce is carefully made in collaboration with our clients to eschew the male gaze and embrace femme subject-hood. We work with individuals, couples, (mostly) femme-owned businesses, dance companies, artisans, makers, and lovers. Trusting a photographer to launch your business’ branding, or to capture a special moment with your loved-one can be difficult. Opal Images is a safe space for all people; regardless of your age, ability, color, gender expression, or sexual orientation. We would love to bring your visions to life; whether that’s a creative portrait sitting or project to support your business.


Christie Spillane - Founder and Head Photographer

Christie Spillane is a commercial and fine art photographer, and retoucher. She has an MFA in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute, and a BFA in film, photography, and visual arts from Ithaca College. She has worked for local businesses and individuals, for large commercial photography studios, and for motion picture film studios.

As a photographer she has worked for beloved local businesses such as Strike Force Design, Bolt Textiles, Ecdysiast Pole Dance Company, Gladys Bikes, Gnome Grown, and Tillicum Designs. Work for these companies and others have included shoot concept, lighting design, principle photography and model direction, product styling, and extensive retouching and compositing all while adhering to strict deadlines. As a retoucher, She has worked with other local companies such as Icon, Danner, and Klean Kanteen; as well as multinational corporations including Adidas, Reebok, Puma, and New balance. Work for these companies has ranged from intensive, high-end catalog imagery to high volume ecommerce digital assets. 

Through this experience she has proven that she is not only capable of, but excels at maintaining the highest quality standards throughout a project while remaining flexible and not buckling under the pressure of tight deadlines. In addition to this she has a thorough understanding of workflows from the planning stage through postproduction. This knowledge allows her to visualize the big picture while prioritizing specific client needs at each stage of the project. She is a hard worker, a fast learner, a creative problem solver, and as an exceptional eye for detail.

Parallel to her commercial practice, Christie is a contemporary fine art photographer who creates surreal, dream-like tableaus. Her images investigate memory, violence, and imagination, and focus on how they intersect, influence, and overpower each other. Her photographs are characterized by their quiet intensity, luscious textures, and uncanny compositions. Her work has been exhibited in New York, California, and Oregon and has been published by and written about by the Humble Arts Foundation, ArtBusiness.com, and PQ Monthly. 

Christie is based in Portland, OR where she lives on her “urban farm” with her longtime partner, and her cherished cat and dogs.